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“Everyday food does not nourish me enough anymore!”

This became very clear around 40. Body reserves suddenly seemed depleted and I needed more…more attention to what I was eating AND the right quantity of: minerals, vitamins, fatty acids, the things we have heard of.

Supplements seemed a solution, but these aren’t even legal anymore in some EC countries, and for a good reason: They simply do not replace natural food!

But years of intensive farming left the Earth as depleted as I felt at times. And even organic farming can’t put the rich and lush soil from centuries ago back into the Earth. Organic compost today is poorer than it ever was.

To preserve as many goodnesses like vitamins, minerals, etc, it makes sense to leave the food as unchanged as possible and as fresh as possible. Heating vegetables, fruits, honey, or any food destroys nutrients; the hotter the more waste and emptier the meal.

It seems very timely to “experiment” with Raw Food, food at its most alive stage. Anything fresh, uncooked, straight from the root to the mouth will give you energy: sun energy, prana, and make you feel good!

Sooooo, the fresher the food the better and the richer the soil the even better. The more undisturbed the soil by the hand of men the more potent is the food. Food from nature – Wild Food!!!!

Wildfood is the food that sustained our ancestors.

Isn’t it reassuring that there is always a solution in nature? All we need to do is to be willing to change. If we are not, what is the point of life? If we are stagnant we are more dead than alive. And now we have reached a time where most of us can feel the necessity to change, especially when it comes to food and eating habits.

But what is just as wonderful and reaffirming is the growing appearance and understanding of Super Foods. Some of these aren’t even directly from Earth herself. They are literally sent from heaven to feed a new, more universally connected humankind.

Lots of these Super Foods are rediscoveries from ancient tribes, some , like certain algaes, are so old that they have witnessed, undisturbedly, the coming and going of civilizations. Their memory is ancient and one could say that all these old Earth Superfoods connect us back to the past, so that we can weave their memories of harmony and life and peace on Earth back into the now and carry this into the future.

The new Super Foods are powders, energies, some found in meteorites, some come from the energetic rays of the solar system and some potenised by other galactic forces (angels, galactic healers). These foods are not necessarily rich in nutrients, but they are feeding the New Earth. They are charging us with a universal vibration, targeting our brainwaves, our hearts, minds, our spirit, our whole being with new , high frequencies.

So, here it is: The new nutrition and the future of us is super fresh food mixed with super charged messengers from the past to the future.  It is Alchemy!

We are The Culinary Cauldron!



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