20160115_104330  A new generation of ice lollies is here:


   JUICE  lollies

               contains 100% organic, freshly pressed and frozen vegetable, herb and fruit juices…AND THAT’S IT!!!!
  • Free From  because real food doesn’t need anything added to it! Gluten free, Dairy free, Nut Free, Egg Free, and only contains naturally occuring sugars which are important for a healthy diet
  • ORGANIC it’s better for the planet and richer for us.
  • Local supporting local farmers & networks& joining in with harvesting
  • Freshly pressed and frozen within a few hours
    freezing is one of the oldest methods preserving the highest quantity of nutrients.
  • Unpasteurized
    if it doesn’t say unpasteurized on the packaging it is passteurized, destroying more than 30% of valuable nutrients.
  • Seasonal eating seasonal food gives us exactly what our bodies need for that time of year

The ingredients have been carefully selected and combined. We strongly believe in the organic, local and seasonal benefit of food and you will find that each JUICE flavour not only harmonizes within a seasonal growing period, but also that the nutrients in JUICE lollies complement each other to reach great nutritional value and yummy, fresh taste!

JUICE lollies are not pasteurized!!!! So you really get as much goodness as possible!

Frozen food is still a far cry from the most nourishing food available: Raw and fresh WILDFOOD. Yet the method of freezing stops time and preserves life.

At The Culinary Cauldron we are acutely aware of the poor quality of everyday foods and it’s negative consequences which can be felt and seen in our society and future generations, unless we re- educate, understand and re-connect with food again, our main supply of power. With the JUICE lollies we have tried to make a beginning, highlighting on the packaging not only how much energy, carbohydrates, proteins and fat they contain, but also and equally important how much of a Vitamin and Mineral there is present and how these fill our daily requirements.


soil association

 Get your orders in now for Spring 2016   – email:

(+44) 07972 092338


One thought on “PRODUCTS”

  1. i am very impressed by a fabulous advertising and after having tasted
    the pure natural mouthwatering herbs fruits, vegetable and espacielly
    wheatgras icelollies theyn wi.ll have a permanent place in my freezer!!!!!

    anja s.


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