SEASONS & the Spiral of Life


isn’t it wonderful that there are seasons, that nature changes, the wheel is turning, always re-turning to something familiar yet new, with space for experiences, learned lessons, challenges and opportunities….?!

And within each season lies it’s very own essence, potential. Birth and growth in Spring, life and lushness in Summer, maturity, harvest and letting go in Autumn, and retreat and clarity amongst many other timely tasks in Winter….hibernation and protection of the seed which will resurface again in Spring yet rooted in last year’s or cycle’s endeavours.

Why should humans live any different to that cycle? How can we not seperate our natural state of being if we ignore the tides of Earth, Sun and Planets?

Or, in other words, how can we stay naturally healthy if we resist nature’s movements?

To become aware of The Spiral Of Life opens the gates to a reconnection with the whole – the whole world with all it’s mysteries and moods and infinite possibilities.

“For every man the world is as fresh as it was at the first day, and as full of untold novelties, for him who has the eyes to see them.”       Thomas Henry Huxley

Seasonal food carries the vibration of each time of the year. Besides being fresh and potent, it gives you the right nutrients essential for each particular season.

Therefore young leaves and flowers, nettles, primroses, etc. will cleanse your body in Spring, thinning your blood so it can run faster and re-activate your energy, preparing you for a quickening in the pulse of life. In Summer foods have a cooling effect like cucumbers, or Seaweeds like all salty foods hold water. Autumn brings berries and nuts. Berries to thicken the blood again and slowing the system down plus adding important vitamins and enzymes to strengthen you for the coming cold and nuts “oil” the joints and brain. In Winter roots are there for us, dug out from beneath the earthen blanket, with the quality of warmth, the feeling of hibernation or restfulness and an inward, coming together motion.

Call it Alchemy, these natural processes of change. Always aiming at the most suitable, perfect state of being.

And so successful does Earth, our Solar system and the whole Universe carry it out. It all works wonderfully together: without the Moon no moving fluids, stagnation. Without the Sun no life at all. Without the other planets, well, Astrologists and such do know. Without other Galaxies? God knows! Without you – a loss in the chain of life!

And if you do not function in accordance with the whole what kind of space are you creating? Is it a truly wholesome, fulfilling and sense making space? We know the answer, we feel it. When life doesn’t make sense, it probably feels depressing, not happy and joyful. You feel tired , worn out – not alive and not full of excitement. You might not feel or recognize love, even though it is there – all the time. Fear will get in the way.

There are many great tools out there to wake us up.  Besides following the SPIRAL OF LIFE, eating WILDFOOD, you can read “workbooks” like “the power” by Rhonda Byrne or start Yoga, or Tai Chi, singing is a bridge between mind and soul and one of the hidden languages worth re-discovering…in depth.

All the answers are always before us – all around us in the bigger picture which is Nature.  And when you feel it inside, it’s positivity is unstoppable!




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