Super Food

Could eating foods that don’t even grow in this country be the cause of many allergies and other ailments we are confronted with????

I believe there is a lot of truth in it, yet it seems that because of the increasing globalization over the past decades our bodies have adapted quiet well to exotics like bananas, oranges, mangoes,  etc.

In a healthy diet it is very important to understand each food’s full effect : for example bananas are rich in magnesium, potassium, folic acid, vitamin and a great energy releaser amongst many other advantages, but it should also be noted that they are very mucus stimulating….and lemons are a great aid for the digestion, antiseptic and a good source of Vitamin C, yet lemons have a cooling effect.

Each food effects the body in it’s own way and if we ignore their potential food can have detrimental effects. Globalization or not!

Our local, cultivated soils are more depleted and yield poorer produce than ever before. This means that we need to eat more to get our daily recommended amounts of nutrients, which in turn raises the question of available farming space OR taking supplements, which at the moment is a solution many of us rely on for well being.

Supplements however are starting to be  banned in some countries as they can not replace food in it’s natural state. I hope that the government’s back up plan is to educate the public on the values of real food…

Adding all this together, there is a solution:  SUPER FOODS!

These foods are super rich in nutrients, meaning that a little gives you a lot more of everything. SUPER FOODS are rich in nutrients and cover a broad spectrum of essential nutrients.

Lots of SUPER FOODS are being re-discovered in areas where communities sustainably thrived on the same, local diets for hundreds, even thousands of years.

While we are slowly becoming aware again of our own, local treasures  – WILDFOOD– we are branching out consciously now and learning about the gifts of these special SUPER FOODS from their native places on Earth, connecting us with the whole of the planet on a much deeper level. Isn’t it ironic that our own seemingly abundant western lifestyle might leave us starving due to the lack of nutrients in readily available produce? And that for now we are turning to the officially poorer countries in South America or Asia to get better quality food? For now….because it is not sustainable to grow food elsewhere, import large amounts of it and upsetting the natural balance in the country of origin.

To get the best possible food – fresh, rich and local- we need to rediscover our own WILD-SUPER-FOODS………..ready to pick at our doorstep!

There are however SUPER FOODS which are not directly from Earth and reach out into the universal web. Maybe they are being found now to help the human species re-connect, and maybe the other kingdoms too (mineral, animal, plant)?

These SUPERFOODS include

* Monatomic trace elements which have been found in a meteorite crater near Mount Sashta in California.  Also known as Etheriums, their energies are mainly balancing.  Etherium Gold for example is scientifically proven to balance the hemispheres of the brain and result in more clarity, greater focus and creativity,  a higher state of consciousness.

* Essences like flower essences which carry potenised sun vibration and other planetary energies.

* Elixirs created with minerals and their compositions linked to Alchemy( this ancient process is experiencing a modern revival)

* and some SUPERFOODS have been charged with galactic and universal vibrations brought to us by energies which we could call angels and galactic healers…..

I leave it up to you reader to discover more about these amazing SUPERFOODS for this is too vast a subject to cover on a website.


PS. lots of SUPER FOODS that you can find in your health store have been mixed together (detox -, energizing -, relaxing mixes, etc) In my experience I find the use of one Super food at a time absolutely sufficient and rewarding in the way that I can fully experience the benefits of that food, understand it’s unique effects on me and get the best of it. Mixes seem confusing, and they probably work best when your body has become familiarized with the different ingredients.

Our philosophy @ The Culinary Cauldron is all in it’s good time….the time to understand food was yesterday….NOW it is high time to eat right!





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