rock samphire              WILDFOOD…..my favorite!

Here grow the roots of paradise. WILDFOOD is Earth’s and Heaven’s pure expression, untampered with by human’s restless productivity.

WILDFOOD has been here from the beginning and it will still be here when all of our species endeavors to clutch more and more have resulted in less than we need.

WILDFOOD connected our ancestors with nature, with all that should be known, felt, sensed, lived…with each other and  generations to come.


Nature became “wild”, mysterious, even feared, when we started to erect fences and excluded ourselves from the outside, believing that we needed protection from the big “wild” out there. But what loss did we incur? Our harvests involved hard work, a battle against the elements and then ironically against each other to protect our little man made environments.

What life force did we shut out when we built the enclosures we live in? The pulse of life, life force, reality, can not fully reach us here. Fair enough, as part of evolution we probably had to experience this walk into the dark, but…..

With WILDFOOD we ingest aliveness, wisdom, health, freedom,….

WILDFOOD is one of the keys to save our future from starvation on every level.

WILDFOOD will keep us alive: from bulbs, sprouts/ fresh shoots, flowers and young leaves in spring, to fruits, more flowers, red, orange  vibrant colours, seaweeds in summer, to berries, nuts, mushrooms and seeds in autumn and roots and evergreens and for most at the moment fresh meat in winter. Nature’s dance must be the most beautiful of all! Taking us from fast , warm, joyful highs to much needed calm, serenity, coolness and clarity – from full to empty, a healthy balance.

WILDFOOD incorporates RAW – and SUPERFOODS.

WILDFOOD is the mother.                                                                               WILDFOOD is mother Earth.

Let her give to us what’s meant for us.                                                                     Let’s accept from her what and when she gives.                                               We know the pattern, it’s ancient, it’s the SPIRAL OF LIFE!



For more absolutely amazing WILDFOOD information visit: www.wildfoodwalks.co.uk


Ffyona Campbell: The Hunter Gatherer Way




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